Discover the Difference: Ice Cream vs. Gelato

Alright, so Gelato and Ice Cream might seem like close cousins, but they’re actually unique in their own heavenly ways. The magic lies in what goes in, how they’re made, and how they feel when they melt on your taste buds.


Now, Ice Cream is like that smooth talker everyone loves – creamy, dreamy, and a bit richer. It’s got a little extra fat, giving it that velvety touch. Ice cream is typically made from milk, cream, sugar, and flavourings. It is made by mixing and churning the ingredients while simultaneously freezing them around -20 degrees Celsius. Ice cream feels creamy, cold, and dense, with a rich, sweet taste. However, for those seeking a slightly lighter and more flavourful alternative, allow me to introduce you to gelato.


Gelato, strolling in with its Italian flair. This treat takes its sweet time to churn, keeping the air to a minimum. That’s why it’s got this amazing dense texture that’s practically irresistible. At Augustus Gelatery, we believe in using only the finest ingredients to create our exceptional gelato. We source our primary ingredient, the richest Victorian full cream milk, to ensure the highest quality. Other ingredients include sugar to sweeten the gelato, stabilizers and emulsifiers: These are used to improve texture and prevent the formation of ice crystals, flavourings and of course our inclusions. Without our home-made brownies you wouldn’t be able to tase those inclusions in Caramel Brownie. With our popular flavours such as Cookies & Cream, Nutella, and Bubblegum, get ready for an explosion of taste in every scoop of our gelato.


Now, the big question: which one’s the champ? Well, there’s Ice Cream, with its smoothness and airy charm. On the other hand, Gelato is the essence of richness, offering intense, vibrant flavours and a creamy-dreamy density that provides a premium and luxurious feel. It’s the perfect treat for a special occasion, elevating it to a level of intense satisfaction.


So, next time you’re scooping up a chilly treat, just follow your heart (and your taste buds). Ultimately, it’s all about personal preference…. But let’s be real here, Gelato definitely steals the show (shh, don’t tell Ice Cream we said that!). Visit your local Augustus Gelatery store or explore the gelato menu, cakes & shakes 😊🍦