Frequently asked questions


It’s not uncommon for people to use ice cream and gelato interchangeably, however they are quite different. Gelato, the Italian word for ice cream, is made with more milk than cream and therefore has a lower fat percentage. It also is made differently, less air is churned into gelato giving it a richer flavour. 

The age old battle of frozen yoghurt versus gelato rages on. If you’re a fan of frozen yoghurt, there’s a high chance you’ll thoroughly enjoy our gelato flavours. We’d recommend opting for flavours with a more tart taste like our popular Yoghurt & Strawberry. 

We have a wide range of gelato and sorbet flavours available, including classic flavours like Vanilla Bean and Augustus specialities like Cookies and Cream. For our full range of flavours and specials, check out our menu here.

We try and rotate our specials on a monthly basis. Our new creations are made with our customer’s requests in mind and flavours that we know everyone will love. You better get in quick though! They run out fast 🏃‍♂️💨  New specials are announced on our social media platforms.

Our cakes are available to pick up in store without pre-ordering, or you can give your local Augustus a call and they will put one aside for you.

Dietary Requirements

Everyone should be able to enjoy gelato so we offer a range of delicious plant based flavours. To find our plant based options, you can filter the menu or ask us when you’re ordering a scoop. 

Our gelato is made with a bovine gelatine which is Halal, so all of our products are halal-friendly. Our friendly staff are happy to answer any questions you may have in store.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy our gelato and sorbet flavours. Our allergen guide will provide you with a comprehensive list of which flavours include potential allergens.

We do consider our gelato safe for pregnant people. All of our gelato is made with milk that is pasteurised twice. Our products that are made with egg have it cooked into the product – however we would suggest avoiding the Bombe Alaska if you are concerned about raw egg.

Whilst we understand that knowledge of the KJ value of foods is important to many people looking to monitor and/or balance their energy intake, it is not possible for us to list the KJ content of the products as they are served within our stores.

Accurate and meaningful KJ data requires precise measurement of KJ content of each flavour per scoop in combination with any cone or serving accompaniment – as our products are sold in varying scoop numbers, in different flavour combinations and served within cones or cups, our products are not considered standardised in terms of size or content and we therefore are unable to provide meaningful KJ data within our stores.


All of our store hours are listed on our locations page.

We release updates about our new store openings on our social media platforms. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

We are always on the lookout for fabulous team members. You can send your resume through our careers page.

Home Delivery

Yes we do! You can get 2 flavours in our 0.5L tubs, and 3 flavours in our 1L tubs.

Our new vouchers are available in-store and online. E-vouchers are available to purchase here.

We currently deliver to most of Melbourne, with approx 6km as it varies delivery through third party platforms such as UberEats, Menulog & Doordash.


For every $ you spend in store you will earn 1 reward point.

Points earned by purchasing Augustus products:  

Kids scoop = 5 points 

1 scoop = 6 points 

2 scoops = 8 points 

3 scoops = 10 points 

500ml tub = 18 points 

1L tub = 28 points 

Shake = 10 points 

Some exclusions apply. See T&C’s for details.

For every $ spent in your Augustus store, you will receive 1 reward point.

Points needed to redeem free Augustus products:

Free kids = 50 points  

Free single = 60 points  

Free double = 80 points 

Free triple =  100 points  

Free half LTR tub = 180 points  

Free 1LTR tub = 280 points  

Free shake = 100 points 

Some exclusions apply, please refer to T&C’s.

You will receive your free Birthday double scoop at the beginning of your Birthday month. You must have been a member of the rewards or loyalty program for one month or more prior to your birthday month and must have made at least one transaction prior to the beginning of your birth month. You will have until the end of the month to redeem your scoop. If you are under 18, you must have the approval of your parent or guardian.