With Augustus Gelatery, you don’t need to worry about your delicious treats coming at the cost of the environment. We’re committed to sustainability and ensuring to do our part to reduce unnecessary landfill.

Paper gelato cups & biodegradable spoons

At Augustus Gelatery, we care about minimising our environmental impact. We support the Australian Government’s commitment to no packaging to landfill by 2025 through our sustainable packing options. We use a range of different sustainable packaging materials so you indulge in some tasty treats with peace of mind!

PET milkshake cup and lids & paper straws

There’s nothing quite like a creamy and delicious milkshake! Our milkshake cup and lid are made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate). This is a widely recycled plastic type so once you’ve finished your shake, you can dispose of the packaging in a recycling bin at home or in a public place. Collecting more than one? Our four cup trays are made from recycled fibre, and are 100% recyclable and compostable so disposing of them is easy! 

Slurping your shake is part of the experience, but we are all aware of how bad plastic straws can be, that’s why all of are milkshakes are served with high quality paper straws.

EPS takeaway packs

Want to enjoy your Augustus later? You can trust that your gelato will stay cold and fresh in our take-home gelato packs made from insulated expanded polystyrene (EPS). Keep in mind that these can’t be disposed of in the kerbside recycling bin. We offer a recycling service in store where you can return your clean used tubs and we will look after the rest. There are some additional recycling options available such as EPSA drop-off.

The carry box for our take-home gelato cakes is made from paperboard with a secure handle. These boxes can be easily recycled by placing them in your kerbside recycling bin!

In-store recycling

All of our stores have co-mingled recycling bins and information regarding what can be disposed of, to ensure that our waste is properly managed. This helps prevent contamination and is a step towards a greener future.

Did you know that you can also return your take home tubs to any of our stores for recycling? Simply bring your clean, used tubs into store and we will take them away to be recycled.

Locally sourced ingredients

What really makes our gelato and treats stand out from the competition is the delicious taste, quality and vibrant colours! We prioritise freshness and flavour by sourcing as many ingredients as possible from local producers.  We purchase from Victorian dairy farms and QLD fruit growers, meaning we are supporting our local Australian farmers and producers while also reducing the energy usage and emissions required to transport the ingredients to our kitchen.