Our Gelato Story

At Augustus Gelatery, we’re serious about making artisan Italian gelato fun and joyful! Made using authentic techniques, our bold and colourful flavours are served in Melbourne’s outer fringes so everyone can delight in quality gelato.

Gelato Dreams

Augustus Gelatery was born out of love. Noticing a lack of true artisan Italian gelato in Melbourne’s outer fringe, our founders, who were already seasoned hospitality operators, got to work creating a vision to bring joy, quality and flavour to new communities.

With fresh new ideas to open gelato stores outside of Melbourne’s inner city, housed in a modern, architecturally designed space, with bold and unique store fitouts, vibrant colours and delicious flavours.

Augustus Gelatery sparks child-like excitement and satisfaction through its brand using bold, bright and recognisable colours – the perfect complement to the colours of gelato.
A few years on, we’ve been delighting customers far and wide. Bringing our delicious, authentic gelato, fantastic team and instantly identifiable brand to more and more suburbs each year.

Visit any Augustus Gelatery store, and you’ll find it filled with beaming families enjoying fantastic flavours and spectacular service.

Hand-made, the Italian way

Our production processes are labour intensive, creating authentic artisan Italian gelato with traditional aeration and texture every time. We do not use large scale machines. We produce single batches of artisan gelato with our signature wave decoration. Our preference is to support local businesses. We mostly source Australian fruits grown in Queensland. We use fresh milk, and, wherever possible, we use ingredients in their most natural form. DELICIOUS!!

Our values

We operate on family values. We’re a family business providing a happy, supportive and safe working environment. We’ve combined years of experience to create seamless simplicity on every level. And we have a great team of passionate, committed and talented people to bring it all together.