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Are you experienced in hospitality and passionate about providing customers with exceptional products? You can be part of a rapidly growing brand and run your own  Augustus Gelatery store while also receiving all the necessary support.

Our shared partner values

If you’re interested in opening an Augustus Gelatery store, we believe the best operators are those who share similar values to us. We love people who are passionate about the brand. Personable people who want to create a fantastic experience, have a background in retail or hospitality and have a true understanding that the customer and the team are the most crucial part of the equation. Bonus points for financial smarts. Our business operates as an extended tribe, a gathering of families with a common set of values.

Be part of our growing brand

If you’re interested in opening an Augustus Gelatery store, our brand is established, growing, unique and attractive to customers and employees alike. You get to research the brand’s strength, the associated IP, systems and operational processes, training, marketing, purchasing and multiple existing stores. Our structure is lean, and our production is scalable.

Count on our assistance

Our supportive model and comprehensive documentation mean store owners don’t have to work in the store. They can even work a full-time job if they choose. So, we provide full documentation detailing our proven processes, a training manual and a customer relationship manager to help explain everything from top to bottom. It’s essential to us that our partners are doing well, so if you encounter something tricky, give us a call. Chances are we’ve experienced a similar issue, and we can work through it together. We don’t have customers waiting in a call centre queue, because we don’t have a call centre. We have an experienced team who love getting to know you and your business.

Learn our in-store processes

This is where our background in hospitality counts. Having tried many ways to do things in the past, we’ve condensed our years of experience and have developed all the required in-store processes with simplicity in mind. We’ve taken the unknown out of running a small business. Anyone who has started up a small business before will understand how valuable this intellectual property is!

Expert training

Before a new store is opened, there’s mandatory training for owners, managers and scoopers. The training provides comprehensive documentation on how to run the store. It covers Opening, Closing, Scooping, Smiling, Shakes, Cakes, Point Of Sale, Front of House and Back of House procedures and recruiting. You’ll leave feeling confident and excited about opening your store. We’ll also provide you with an experienced operator in store during your opening week. Recruiting people is one of the challenges for a hospitality business, but we’ll transfer our knowledge and help you identify what a good customer service person looks like. We can help you with interviewing and spotting the traits we know are essential.

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