A delicious, warm chocolate brownie, served with a scoop of your choice and Nutella drizzled on top.
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Flavourful Delights Await, from Classics to Surprises

Whether you want a familiar favourite or are excited to sample something new, there is flavour for everyone at Augustus! Choose from our wide range of creamy gelato and fresh sorbets.

Savour Sustainability in Every Scoop

At Augustus Gelatery we are committed to sustainability and operating in an environmentally responsible manner.

We are supporting the Australian Government’s commitment of no packaging to landfill by 2025 through our packaging choices, whether you enjoy a creamy gelato or milkshake at one of our stores or take home some treats for later.

Allergen Info

Got a food allergen? No worries, we got your back with our handy guide. Remember, although we try our best, all flavours may contain trace amounts.

Own an Augustus

Want to be your own boss? See what’s involved in owning an Augustus Gelatery and take the next step.

Grab a gift card!

Need the perfect gift? An Augustus Gelatery gift card is truly the gift that keeps on giving! Valid at any Augustus store, a gift card will enable a recipient to enjoy their favourite flavours whenever they like. 

The Augustus Rewards app is here!

Our Rewards program means every scoop you enjoy earns you some incredible benefits. Unlocking exclusive offers and rewarding you with extra gelato, you can simply scoop and scan to save!

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